Monday, February 28, 2011

What is the RADIUS and will it change your life?

Although you probably are hearing about it for the first time now, Intel worked on a new interconnect technology for the past few years. "Peak light," as it was called until it was renamed "Ray" today, promises a new world of screaming fast data transfers. The credits are spectacular: 10 gigabit per second transfers (upload and download!), dual protocol support and power over the cable. Light peak

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Android market store Gets bookish

Earlier this month Google released the Android market web version, which allows you to purchase web browser applications and beamed directly to your phone or tablet (is very slick). Now, Google has some good news for you bibliophiles out there: Android market application Xoom includes Google Books, and now the web version does also. You can find here.

Buy a book on the market Android works exactly the same as buying an app

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Social Fundraising Website Fundly raises $ 2 million of his own

Today, fundraising platform that social fundly announced that it had closed a seed funding of $ 2 million round led by a group of Silicon Valley investors. Using the AngelList, a market that makes it easy for beginners to connect with angels, Fundly mounted a laundry list of reputable investors including Mitch Kapor and Stephen DeBerry, Kapor Capital, Trevor Kienzle correlation ventures, George Zachary Charles River Ventures and Jeff Fluhr of AngelHub.

Fundly, formerly known as BlueSwarm, adds $ 800000, created in July a group of individual investors, including Harvard Business professor Clayton Christensen. You can read our coverage of the beginning of the first turn (and Watch interview TC with CEO Dave Boyce) here.

Founded in Boston in 2009, the Fundly is a SaaS platform that aims to give its political campaign, Office of alumni of the University or non-profit organization that extra boost, making your social fundraising. It does this using your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — as well as the interaction of peer-to-peer — to encourage your donors to become social advocates. As part of this effort, Fundly offers a Facebook application that can be shared among his supporters, for example, allowing donors to compete with your friends to raise money for your cause, working to win rewards, invite your friends, tell friends about support for the cause and give and receive virtual goods — all without leaving the comfortable boundaries of Facebook.

According to CEO Dave Boyce, when a friend asks for another friend to help raise money for a particular cause, added confidence inherent in such social dimension results in a 10 times greater response rate and 52% higher donation of a cold call or email. Traditionally, fundraising has been the professional domain, target and reach high net worth individuals to meet their goals.

The 2008 presidential election, in contrast, evidence is ample opportunities for huge fundraising that exists beyond the social elite, even if these donations come in fewer. During his run for Governor last year, for example, Meg Whitman has raised more than $ 20 million of thousands of Californians using platform from Fundly. Furthermore, the service was used in more than 50 per cent of Senatorial races during the season and has already been used to raise more than $ 200 million of hundreds of thousands of individual donors, according to Boyce., founded by Sean Parker and Joe Green, is a well-established competitor with the recognition of large name behind it, but Boyce, said that the two sites differ in their target audience. Causes seems to be aimed more at individuals looking to make a difference (your site says it has already attracted 140 million people) and creating awareness around specific issues, whereas the Fundly client is the nonprofit organization itself. You can think of as Web 2. 0 applied to advocacy, while Fundly is a SaaS platform — a product that offers its customers the tools they need to collect data and view detailed reports about their donors.

Since its launch, Fundly moved beyond political campaigns and is now offering its services to all non-profits. Educational institutions were among the more recent converts, including Boston College, University of Massachusetts Amherst, communities in schools and the Educational Foundation of Silicon Valley.

Perhaps the biggest selling point for the platform of social fundraising is that it doesn't require the installation of any software — nor does it require any upfront costs, you simply pay as you earn money. So, if you are looking for an easy way to process payments and pledges of records on-line in real time, or send automated e-mail payment reminder and confirmation in a socially optimized environment, Fundly may be just what you need to start your campaign for Town Crier.

More information on Fundly in the video below:

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Friday, February 25, 2011

What you want to know about Xoom? Ask Me tomorrow live

I have here the Xoom Motorola in my hot little hands and I put it through its paces in recent days and that I would love to demonstrate and explore the device with your questions in mind. What I'm planning is a 12 pm Eastern/9 am Pacific live stream for one hour tomorrow Friday, February 24, answering questions about the device and go through some of the screens. You will also be able to ask me questions via chat and Twitter.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Glam Media to launch the third Vertical content, health and wellness channel

Glam Media, one of the largest publishing and advertising networks on the Web, is to reveal its third channel today branded content: health focused Bliss. Bliss, which is a content hub of sites of health and well-being, joins Brash male-centric vertical and entertainment channel, style and fashion womens Currently have a Glam networks reach total of 90 million people per month in the United States and 200 million monthly visitors globally.

Glam argues that traditional sites of health and welfare (i.e. WebMD) focused more closely on medical issues and related condition more and are missing the opportunity to reach a wider audience with the angle of prevention and wellness. Contents of Bliss will include information about diet and nutrition, training, alternative healing, green lifestyles, exercise, fitness, parenting, pregnancy and much more.

Bliss will also continue an angle more social health and welfare and tries to connect and engage women in a community around these issues. While the contents of the will influence towards women, not focus exclusively on women's issues and the content (like and will feature select information male-oriented. The community of happiness by Glam will be released to the public later this spring and Glam CEO Samir Arora tells us that the company plans to release other sectors in 2011.

Move Glam for the content of health and well-being is not surprising. In 2008, Glam was allegedly in talks to merge with the health portal of AOL Founder Steve Case, Revolution Health.

And demand for content online, health and welfare is on the rise. According to a survey by Pew Internet & American Life from 2010, eight in ten internet users have looked online for health information and the number of Americans who receive information from exercise and fitness online grew 88% since 2002. Not only is there the enormous opportunity to reach a wider audience but Glam also will appeal to a new set of advertisers in these segments.

2009 was a busy year for Glam, which launched a platform, Glam Adapt, serving targeted ads to brand and unfolded its singular focus on women's sites to include sports men's sites as well. The company also made a number of important signings and is pushing a social strategy.

And if the IPO reports, Glam will have a big 2011 as well. Industry sources tell us that investment banks has been actively courting Glam for a potential takeover bid. And the tech IPO market is heating up with Skype, LinkedIn, Pandora and Facebook, even possibly preparing bids next year.