Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get free food Chipotle for viewing NBC'S promo on Facebook

NBC Today begins a promotion offering free Chipotle meals for those watching 90 second promo on Facebook for upcoming show America's next great restaurant.

The network uses the application on show at the Facebook page, where, in exchange for watching promo, visitors get a buy one, get one free coupon for Chipotle. Founder and CEO, Global Steve, the chain is one of four investors in the show.

Customers who print the coupon you can get free meals, including Chipotle Burrito, tacos or a bowl with the purchase of another meal. Promotion ends March 6.

Meanwhile, Chipotle is working in a shop texting promotion offering a chance to get a burrito catered party. Anyone who texts "CIU" (for America's next great restaurant) anywhere Chipotle will have a chance to win.

NBC rep said, this is the first time the network used to get users to watch the show promo food. Nevertheless, the network tried other means give viewer loyalty. For example, last year, NBC has called his fan loyalty program that rewards users that contribute, interact and discuss NBC shows.

America's next great Restaurant, which premieres March, 21 6 pits contestants against each other as the Board of judges decide whose concept restaurant is best. Winner-"fully savor his/her great American dream of starting their own restaurant chain," according to NBC Rep.

For Chipotle, which does little in the way traditional advertising efforts is the latest innovative use of social media. Chains are similarly unusual effort last year to encourage consumers to send their spam e-mail messages in order to charity, offering a healthy school lunches for kids.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Preview Mac OS X Leo includes iPad such opportunities developers

Apple today introduced Mac OS X developer preview of lion that brings many features iPad — including multi-touch gestures-Wikipedia, the VKP. It is planned that the final version of the Lion to be available to customers this summer.

The eighth major release of Mac OS also includes mission control that provides new view all running on the computer, combining Expose, dashboard, and spaces; Launchpad, "a new home for all your Mac apps," which displays the Mac apps in your whole screen with a single click; and Mac App Store.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

RIP MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog, service that allows bloggers to see who their readers will be closed at Yahoo come may, the company announced this morning in an e-mail message to users.

This move was expected, as MyBlogLog was part of Yahoo's now infamous presentation in December, to include a slide on the services the company will

Monday, March 28, 2011

Why Internet marketing does not have to keep track of children [opinion]

James p. Steyer, CEO and founder, common sense MEDIA, a non-profit organization that provides training and tools for parents and children's media and technology in their lives. You can follow them on Twitter at

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Disney acquires social network for children

Togetherville is a social network for children under the age of 10, has confirmed that it was acquired by Disney.

Site terms of use now to read, "Welcome to the Internet sites of the Walt Disney Internet Group.

Togetherville started in May and set itself apart from other social networks to children by helping parents-child interactions. In addition to viewing their children social network activity on the sites, parents can also send messages to their walls, select

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Box.NET raises $ 48 million to take on the giants of enterprise software

Cloud collaboration and managing company announced Thursday that it has closed a $ 48 million investment series d round.

Meritech Capital Partners led the round, which included prior investors Draper Fisher Jurvetson, scale venture partners and partners venture United States. New investors included Andreessen Horowitz and emergence Capital Partners.

We talked with co-founder and CEO Aaron Levie box .net's new round and what the company plans to do with the money. In short the aim is to use the additional funding to make the real competitor in the enterprise software space.

Investing in infrastructure

Box.NET makes no secret of their plans to take on IBM, Microsoft and Oracle space management and document collaboration. Two years ago the company sent me a t-shirt that featured the logo of Microsoft SharePoint and drawing Dodo bird.

To send to SharePoint and other competitors in extinction, companies must create its infrastructure so that the product can be easily serviced companies that store hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of documents online.

Box.NET still rents it data center space, but owns and operates its own equipment and will continue to expand and look into deploying data expenditures in areas closer to specific customers.

While focusing on expanding its engineering team is the key, Levie told us that the company also plans to grow its sales staff, so she can better compete with the big enterprise companies to bid for new and existing companies.

Box.NET corporate clients include Cisco, Dell and DreamWorks. Taking on these types of clients and keeping those customers happy is what will help transform the following

From consumers to enterprise powerhouse tool

Box.NET began its life as a storage cloud, consumer-oriented. In an era before Dropbox free cloud storage facilities were general commodities in early era Web 2.0.

Box.NET recognised that there is a real need for suitable cloud software, especially in the areas of document management and collaboration in the sphere of small business and entrepreneurship — and we think this is one of the main reasons why the company has continued to succeed, mobilize financial resources and to enter into a wide-ranging partnership.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bing now shows your friends Facebook likes for all search results

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Now anyone can synchronize Google Docs and Microsoft Office

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FaceTime v1.0 comes to app store Mac

Apple has released an official version of FaceTime for Mac Mac on app Store. The application is part of the new MacBook Pro machines and is available for download for $ 0.99 in the app store Mac

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Radio now flows 8 million songs on Roku

Owners of Roku just got another music source, this time from subscription streaming music service radio.

Radio subscribers can enter their credentials into set-top box Roku, and they are good to go. For those uninitiated in Radio service offers its usual 7 day free trial, you can stream all charge $ 9.99 per month thereafter.

This is yet another victory in radio, who just got an influx of cash over a few weeks ago, strengthened by the addition of more indie bands and more choice in its service, which now boasts over 8 million songs. It is no slouch, streaming music from four major record companies and aggregators INgrooves, IODA, the orchard, Iris, Finetunes and thousands of indie labels.

Add the radio presence on multiple platforms, including its website, as well as iPhone and Android and BlackBerry Sonos customers result is hot in a competitor's subscription music. The service can even be put on a heat seeking newcomers to the United States market, such as Spotify. Making additional competitive is its ultra-social nature, offering music discovery, where users can follow each other and learn about new music recommendations from friends.

This is yet another victory in Roku, who has always add services to its growing stable of entertainment options. Most recently he added Amazon Prime instant video service rebranded its dossier.

We've tried most boxes Roku and find them to be of outstanding value, and costs less than $ 100 for a multitude of channels. Now with the addition of radio, it's almost enough to convince you to cut the cord cable TV.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Nearly half of Americans use Facebook; Only 7% use Twitter [research]

A new report from eMarketer believes that most American adults with Internet access are using Facebook at least once a month, and a full 42.3% of the total u.s. population uses a site like this month.

On the other hand Twitter's penetration rate was significantly lower, sitting at about 7% of the total population and 9% of the population are using the Internet, according to the report.

Late last year, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company sees about 250 million daily users of its 500 million-strong user base. Young exec noted that Facebook products

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How 5 companies use the iPad to improve performance

IPad for business series is supported by LogMeIn Ignition, # 1 third-party performance app for iPad and iPhones in 2010. Get one-touch access to all applications and files on all remote computers with LogMeIn Ignition for the iPad/iPhone.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

MTV Dubs its digital music awards show Thomas

Last month we received word that MTV will launch new awards show devoted to digital music and social media.

We don't know much at that time, but now that MTV has announced that it will take place on 28 April, and it would be called O __ Music Awards (Thomas).

The exhibit "O"? According to MTV, the symbol was intentionally left open to interpretation, stress the importance of the participation of the audience (sounds kind of like MySpace's new logo, no?), which is the theme of the show.

Thomas will air in all platforms, MTV Music Group and screens that include, VH1 .com, and And, of course, it will include elements of mobile and social media.

MTV also soon will announce category and candidates that will include artists, technology innovators, fans and celebrities.

We expect MTV will extract from its burgeoning experience interaction social media when it comes to attract audiences to the show — think the search for the first Jockey Twitter and Captionbomb games MTV launched for skins premiere, to name a few.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

LinkedIn tool visualizes profile updates on your network

Earlier this year, LinkedIn, sent to members via email with a neat visualization that displays all the people in the network user who changed jobs or update their profile in 2010.

The company has received such a positive response to the e-mail that today it is deployed in a Web application that does the same thing, but also includes data from 2009 and 2011. App, announced on the company blog gives Visual mosaic from all profile ends (see figure). Click on one of the head shots, and you go straight to the Member profile.

Dhananjay Ragade blog, Chief Engineer at LinkedIn, explains that the project in one of LinkedIn's hack day, which he describes as "a day in the month in which everyone is invited to play with new technology and come up with something creative." over the winter holidays Ragade worked with Vidya Chandra, Marketing Executive product on LinkedIn, on the idea. The company liked it so much she sent users in the electronic version in January. Currently rolling out a Web application.

Given the LinkedIn access to such data, the application opens the door for more value-added services. For example, the company has received requests for entire network statistics on job switching and and as, but not yet calculated these results for public consumption. Another idea is to update the application on a monthly or even weekly, rather than annually, but LinkedIn says no immediate plans to roll out this service.

With its IPO looming LinkedIn experimented with other ways to spice up the site. This month, for example, the company issued a droll, retro themed sponsored by FedEx instructional video aimed at small business owners who want to learn about LinkedIn. In November, the network also introduced the share button to extend its influence.

Fan Of Mashable? Join other fans on LinkedIn»

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PayPal halts donations to the Fund of defence for WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning

PayPal froze the courage to resist, an organization that has created a significant portion of funds to remedy Bradley Manning, 23-year old former United States Army private accused of leaking classified information to United States to WikiLeaks in 2010.

Account, which has been active since 2006 has not experienced issues until supporters were encouraged to donate Manning in case via PayPal, says blog Bradley Manning support network. The Network collaborates with the courage to resist's fundraising on behalf of Manning defence and advocacy efforts.

At the end of 2010 PayPal, Mastercard and Visa, closing the prepaid services of WikiLeaks. Jeff Paterson, courage to resist Project Director and Steering Committee member support network, said he began getting calls from executives at PayPal shortly afterwards, the website or its content, how the organization intends to use the funds raised for crews and recent purchases made through PayPal.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Zipper: everything you need to know

May not seem we need another way to connect computer components, but when you look at the Thunderbolt, which made its debut on MacBook Pros today, you'll see, it's going to be a useful addition.

Formerly called peak light, this new way of connecting monitors and peripherals so much faster than the way we connect things today it probably would take over as the preferred way to connect the drives, monitors, and many other devices for Macs and PCs over the next several years. Here's everything you need to know:

It's much faster channel for file transfer and video: 10 Gbps (gigabits per second), which is about twice as fast as USB 3.0 and 20 times faster than USB 2.0. How fast? Intel says the lightning may "transfer full-length film HD in less than 30 seconds and backup 1 year of continuous MP3 playback in just over 10 minutes". Tek was developed by Intel itself; Apple teamed up to bring it to market it started out as light peak, but the first iteration is used a copper wire, according to ComputerWorld .it's here now for MacBook Pros, and on his way to the PC. But first, the only developer kit using the add-in cards will be available for PC.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Instagram releases real-time API publicly sharing Universal photo

Mobile photo sharing startup Instagram, which now North of 2 million users, is opening its API publicly and introducing continuous support Thursday, allowing developers to grab photos around tags, place or geographical regions as they appear in the service.

Public release of real-time API is a strategic move on the part of the launch escape and its stylized photos, from the sea being installed on the iPhone.

"At the end of the day, we made our work if people's photos, you can get anywhere in the world instantly and people can consume them on any platform instantly," says CEO Kevin Systrom.

New API will deliver instant, live update the contents of third-party applications and can be seen today in action through the launch of the Dropbox service distribution partners app Foodspotting and storing files. Personal diary app Momento is an update to its iPhone app today, which introduces Instagram integration.

The popular social news app Flipboard, online start page Services About .me and tagging app object fashionable, also soon release their own integrations to be baked into a living photo updates, according to Systrom.

Real-time API represents a dramatic step forward out of private beta. "We really wanted to push our API to the next level in support of the new types of interactions around photos — one that is supported in the real-time nature of the content that people create on Instagram," says Systrom.

Participating developers can now subscribe to the Instagram photographs in one of four segments: update related applications, tags, location and geography. The first ladle means that if you are a user of Foodspotting, for example, and you are bound by a Instagram to the app, Foodspotting can now automatically pull in Instagram "# food" photographs from the API as you post them.

Tags and field speaks for itself. Developers can build in the ability to grab Instagram photos in real time through a hashtag or place.

Function of geography is a little more complicated, but it basically presents the developer with the ability to enlarge reduce specific locations and subscribe to photo pools of wider geographical areas.

Instagram built his own sample applications demonstrate the power of live update API and show feature geography in action. Post in Instagram photo geo tagged in 5 km from the Centre of the capital city — demo application supports 20 geography that represents major cities around the world — and this image instantly appears on the site. And it's an instant — photo can even pop up on the demo site before it shows up in the stream of images Instagram iPhone app.

"We're really excited about creating a more open platform," said Systrom. Startup will continue to focus on creating your own applications for Android, says Systrom, but he sees API as a way to attract more users on more platforms now.

A total of more than 2000 designers clamored to access the Instagram API since its launch in private beta just over two weeks ago. Interest likely to skyrocket in the issuance of public real-time API and features related to the universal sharing live content Instagram.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Develops mobile app worth the cost?

Aaron Maxwell is the founder of mobile Web design agency mobile Web up. You can find it at the Agency's mobile business blog where he writes about mobile and social media.

Almost every business is preparing their mobile strategy. No secret why: mobile really take off. Already there are more people on the planet that are associated with text messaging than with email and more people who own phones than credit cards, according to recent statistics.

The difficulty is that there are many facets of mobile technologies. SMS Apps, websites, and provide a broad framework. But mobile payments and advertising are rich topic on their own. Where you focus first?

For many companies, the answer was "iPhone application" (notice I said iPhone app, mobile APP. more on that later). But people also searched in optimized mobile websites. This led to a debate in some quarters about which is more important. If you're going to do only one thing better make mobile application or mobile website?

Apps have one distinct advantage. Generally well-made app can provide the user experience much better than even the best mobile websites can right now. Don't think this is debatable.

Really though, I often see missing from these discussions is the cost. This is often not that difficult to do in a Web application that will work well on most smartphones (depending on the nature of the app — things like graphically rich games being an exception, etc.).

But making just a native iPhone application is usually more complex than do equivalent cross platform Web applications. And if you want Android and BlackBerry to give users the ability to have a native app, too, you have to frequently build each platform from scratch.

Application types

Let's make an important distinction here. Can be divided into Apps:

Those that are directly designed to generate income, andThose constructed for purposes of marketing, branding and customer service.

The first type is the theme of all these touching stories about some enterprising developer to create an iPhone app in my spare time, from which he makes more than enough to quit his job, coding TPS report generator at BoringBigCo. There is also a real companies create and sell apps, quite successfully. Income comes from fees app directly in app purchases and subscriptions, or less directly, through advertising (think angry birds on Android).

If you charge for your mobile product, native app. way to go mobile Web site cannot integrate with iTunes billing, which, in addition to providing a ready market mobile users 125 million — pays a snap. Charging for access to the WAP site will require rolling your own payment solution ... tough on mobile phone right now.

Although interesting and exciting, this category of mobile applications is not quite what we say in this article. Important when companies produce apps in the second category, for the purposes of marketing, branding and customer service. Good examples are Starbucks or target storage apps.

This is usually free, since the whole point is to get them distributed as widely as possible. And completely changes the discussion. If we make a app, how many prospects and customers reach? That puts a ceiling on the potential success of the app as a marketing channel.

Coverage of the different mobile channels

Through the prism of purely "how many perspectives can be achieved is the best tool of mobile marketing is text messaging. About 68% of u.s. cell phone subscribers are sent a text message at the end of 2010, according to a report by comScore in the mobile market share.

Of course you can do things with applications and websites that you can't do with SMS. Because many people can you reach with app? And how many from a WAP site?

For mobile Web sites is easy. The best indicator is how many people actually on the Internet on their mobile phones. At the end of 2010 is now over 36% of all mobile phone subscribers in United States. So as you are about half the number of people can reach a text message.

There's more to the story for your applications. I was in San Francisco's de Young Museum a couple weeks ago. They threw a little fun to celebrate the release of their mobile applications.

Only hitch: you could only install it if you have an iPhone. Those of us with androids and BlackBerrys couldn't play. This reflects the current reality with apps. IPhone app only works on, well, iPhones. Your application must be made separately for each platform.

North America's major smartphone platforms right now are the iOS, Android and BlackBerry. How many mobile users are in each? Here are the ratios, in the United States, as a percentage of all mobile phone users in the last quarter of 2010:

iPhone: 6.75% Android: 7.75 per BlackBerry: 8.53% of TOTAL: 23.0

In other words if you decide to make an iPhone app, only less than 7% of all mobile phone users will be able to use it. If the main purpose of the app is marketing, you need to decide whether the coverage is big enough to be worth it.

And if you are developing three different applications for the three most common platforms, you are going to potentially triple your charges. All so you can reach only a small proportion of the number of people you can get from a WAP site.

To make things worse, I'm ignoring Windows 7 phone. After a year, now it can have very substantial market share, thanks to Microsoft in a joint venture with Nokia. Most mobile Web sites will work fine on the new Nokia phones/WP7 the day they are released. But creating and pushing of mobile applications Silverlight is no small task.

Apps no longer free

Costs can add up. No such thing as a "typical" application, so it is difficult to provide meaningful average cost. But as a shared working shape, we can say it's worth at least $ 30.000 to develop, implement and deploy brand quality iPhone app. I found no published studies of equivalent expenditure for Android and BlackBerry, but because the device fragmentation anymore, it would make sense that costs at least similar.

All the above means that, at the end of the day, create a set of Mobile native apps that achieved, say, 80% of smartphone users will be much more expensive than creating mobile Web app reaches 90 percent of smartphone users. I don't even want to double value; I mean more like five, maybe even ten times more expensive.

In many situations, it is acceptable. As noted, sometimes you want to do things that simply aren't possible with WAP site, at least with good quality. Or may be possible but you know you can create something better with the native app, so the results more interesting. For enterprise-scale organizations like consumer banks and national retail stores they have the capital and ROI justifies it. But if your budget for mobile devices under $ 100000, it can't be a good approach.

How to: map a mobile website cost? I haven't found any published a study of typical costs for mobile Web design and development. But from my experience running a company that does exactly what I can tell you that it is almost always less than $ 30.000 for the "average" iPhone app.

What is the ROI?

Given all that, how many prospects of venture will reach per dollar? A conservative estimate 234 million adults United States with mobile phones, here's the breakdown:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Island Def Jam partners with the echo nest to create opportunities for developers

That call companies first Alliance partners, between Major and independent app developer community, Island Def Jam and echo nest are make catalog label for developers using the echo nest API.

This agreement will benefit both the label and developers alike. Developers, for its part, will have access to Island Def Jam catalogue and register, if you create an application using the echo nest API. Island Def Jam (IDJ) is a division of Universal Music Group.

If the developer signs use the echo nest API, he or she will also have access to music from a catalog without having to request signature IDJ permission. The developer must do all agree with the terms of service, to be able to create any app — no licensing costs.

As part of this agreement, the label is the Publisher of the application, giving it control over distribution and made privy to a portion of the proceeds (the rest goes to the dev and echo nest). In turn, IDJ will market publishers music app and payment if necessary.

In fact it removes the barrier to entry that many developers got involved when they try to get a license for the music (it's difficult and expensive). "We are very excited to streamline the process and to inspire creativity," said Jon Vanhala, Senior Vice President of digital at IDJ.

Jim Lucchese, CEO, ECHO nest, said he hopes this will change as partnership produces music apps from developers in the role of employment for creating applications for artists. He equates the developers session musicians, parallelization devs with access to the catalog and IDJ echo nest APIS to ranges — i.e., true artists, rather than hired hands.

"We are setting up a framework for improvisation. … We believe that developers come up with better material than we could mandate, "said Vanhala, adding that promotional tools, such as traditional group Web site is no longer an intriguing consumers. "You want to save the people dance."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Verizon releases first ad for Motorola Xoom [video]

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Google rolls out new search tool for recipes

Google started rolling on Thursday a new search function, which makes finding recipes on the Web a little easier.

Dubbed "the recipe view" feature allows users to filter search results according to the ingredients, Cook time, calories, and more. Users can search for recipes, for example, with Brussels sprouts, developed by Chef INA Garten, that take less than an hour to do. Clip art, ingredients, and one 5-star user ratings are highlighted in the results list, helping users to quickly locate or bypass recipes.

To use the recipe, just click "Recipes" in the left pane when looking for a recipe.

Google plans to enable the feature for all users in the United States and Japan on Thursday night; It also plans to introduce function to other countries in the future, said Google spokesman.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

What marketers need to know about Facebook's switch iFrames

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Apple launches a Developer Preview of X Leo — via the App store Mac

Two days ago for the first time reported that Apple was likely to launch a developer beta of X Lion "soon". Well, how is this so soon? This morning, alongside his new MacBook Pros, Apple announced the developer preview of the latest version of X and the most interesting aspect can be like Apple is releasing this developer preview: through the Mac App Store.

Once again, to be clear, this initial test version of the operating system is for developers only. The final version of the lion is still on track to be released this summer, Apple notes.

What's new? Well, we had previously heard about some of the features of Lion during a press conference in October. Today brings more some of these features, including AutoSave, versions, curriculum, Mail version 5 (with a new segmentation feature called "Conversations"), AirDrop and Lion Server (which has its own characteristics).

As you can probably guess, many of these features borrowed what Apple learned about the iPad/iPhone. This includes the ability to auto save documents and resume (even after you restart your Mac). The new version of mail is also very iPad-like.

In General, OS X UI has been changed to remove the default side users of x scroll bars are used to see those were replaced by scroll bars that appear only when you need them, again, as applications of iOS. Apple says that the UI is still named Aqua, but observes: "Aqua defines the look and feel that users expect from Mac OS x. Lion takes this experience and leads you to a new level with popovers, scroll bars, rollover and powerful multi-touch gestures and animations.

AirDrop is a way to send files to any other Mac around wireless. Kind of sounds like the drum, but peer-to-peer without the cloud element. Apple writes.

With AirDrop in Mac OS X Lion, you can send files to anyone around you

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yahoo to shut down MyBlogLog on May 24

Yahoo soon will kill MyBlogLog service acquired company namesake behind back in early 2007.

Here is the message that was sent only to all users (myself included):

Dear customer, MyBlogLog

Were identified as a customer of Yahoo! MyBlogLog. We are officially will discontinue Yahoo! MyBlogLog effective 24 May 2011. His contract with Yahoo!, insofar as it applies to Yahoo! MyBlogLog, will end on 24 May 2011.

After 24 May 2011 your credit card will be charged no longer services premium MyBlogLog. We will refund you the unused portion of your subscription, if any. The refund will appear as a credit through billing method we have on file for you. To make sure that your billing information are correct and up to date, visit

If you have questions about these changes, please visit the help pages of Yahoo! MyBlogLog.

Thanks for being a customer at Yahoo! MyBlogLog.


Yahoo! My BlogLog team

MyBlogLog essentially enabled you to control who was visiting your site or blog.

The closure is not that much of a surprise. In a now famous leaked internal slide, Yahoo has already recognised that it would be ' sunsetting ' service (and other) at some point.

For its new reading pleasure:

Signal vs. Noise: what happens after you acquire Yahoo

RWW: Remembering MyBlogLog: could have been even higher than delicious

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Enterprise cloud storage platform raises $ 48 M of Andreessen Horowitz and other

Cloud storage and collaboration startup that box.NET raised $ 48 million in new financing led by Meritech Capital Partners with Andreessen Horowitz, emergence Capital Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, scale Venture Partners and us Venture Partners. This brings the company's total financing of $ 78 million.

Over the past four years, has evolved from a cloud storage platform for a simple collaborative company, offering social and mobile resources. The company now holds 300 million documents on their platform (more than the library of Congress) and garnered 5 million users (over 4 million last year).

Corporate clients include DreamWorks, Cisco and Dell and 60000 other companies or 73% of the Fortune 500, use the box to share, access and collaborate on content business online as well as iPads, iPhones and Android devices. In fact, the box has seen 400000 downloads for your Android applications and iOS.

A month ago, cash released a new version of your application storage, with a new UI, document viewing experience seamless and more collaborative features around document storage and file sharing. Box also added a market application that include applications of Salesforce, Google Apps, NetSuite, Yammer and others. And last year storage plans, file synchronization and more platform box.

So how is the performance in terms of sales? CEO and co-founder Aaron Levie says box tripled revenues in 2010, what it says it was in the range of eight figure, and he fully expects to double, triple or even quadruple the number this year. While the company is not, yet, positive cash flow, Levie says that the box is approaching this goal.

Levie clearly has great ambitions for box. First and foremost, wants to take on Microsoft Sharepoint and has aggressively campaign for existing Sharepoint users switch to cheaper, simpler company. Levie says: "box is positioned to redefine an industry, both as has done for CRM and NetSuite for ERP ...We want to bring cloud content management box for companies of all sizes, around the world ... "

Box plan to use the funding to hiring talent and will fold the engineering teams and sales this year (currently has 140 employees). Levie plans to make some small purchases next year. The funding will also be used to construct a new data center on the East Coast. Box operates currently two data centers in California. And the company plans to aggressively push sales outside the u.s. and increase international features. Today, companies outside the United States represent 15 percent of the customer base of the box.

We sat down with Levie a few weeks ago to talk about the future strategy of the mobile platform and the war for talent.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

GOGII Nabs $ 15 million to win social messages

GOGII textPlus, manufacturer of social app messages, is launching a $ 15 million Series c round led by GRP partners this morning. GRP will join existing investors matrix partners and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

textPlus is an arena super crowded, with costumizaĆ§Ć£o, quick apps GroupMe society, FreeText and Facebook now even getting into group messaging space. textPlus has the advantage of being implemented, at least in SMS free space, having launched in June 2009.

Founder and former Executive of Activision Scott Lahman tells us that what differentiates the free app is its focus on social profiles, as well as his painting a huge blow in every industry competitive. Says Lahman, "we have been it for awhile and we do is take on a wider screen. So we can compete with the guys of Group text messages, we can compete with the guys of free text messages. "

With textPlus you can join the topic-driven chat community groups (discuss anything from Lady Gaga Soccer) and group conversations and good old SMS from person to person. The application also has photo sharing, profile customization features and research.

Now textPlus sends approximately 32 million messages per day, total more than 7 billion messages since launch. And the app definitely has the scale: with over 14 million downloads of iPhone and Android platforms and 7.7 million monthly active users. And Lahman is just observing and right here, "there are so many places, Group text messages could go and we started badly.

You can find that textPlus app on the iPhone, iPad and Android and the service also works on any device that carries SMS messages.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Payvment brings a Virtual Facebook Social Shopping

Payvment, a startup that allows anyone to create and operate a retail store on Facebook, is launching the first virtual shopping center in the social network. Composed of all retail stores using the Payvment app for Facebook, the mall offers products from more than one million 50000 retailers in a centralized location.

Payvment's Facebook App, which launched in November 2009, allows anyone to create a retail store in the social network. The app allows you to define products, product categories (i.e. shoes, t-shirts, sweatshirts), import photos, lists of terms of service and delivery options and much more. After you configure your online store on Facebook, it will appear in a separate tab on your profile or page

Saturday, March 5, 2011

eMarketer about Us Social Networking on Facebook: 57%, 11% on Twitter

Research firm eMarketer estimates that more than half of adult internet users in the United States were logged on to Facebook at least once a month at the end of last year. In 2011, the company anticipates that the U.S. 132.5 million web users will use the site monthly. Twitter, he adds, will enjoy the fastest growth rates in the near future but continue to attract ' few Americans online.

An increase of 13.4% in the number of users would mean that Facebook will reach almost 9 out of 10 users of social networking and 57.1% of Internet users this year.

Until 2013, eMarketer estimates that 62% of Web users and nearly half (47.6 per cent) of the total u.s. population is on Facebook.

On the other hand, Twitter was used by 16.4 million adults in the U.S., or 9% of the adult population of the internet, at the end of 2010. eMarketer expects a growth to overcome 26 percent in 2011, as Twitter reaches 11% of Internet users and 16.5% of adult social network users in the United States. Until 2013, eMarketers predicts that about 28 million Americans will be tweeting.

Estimates are based on analysis of visitor statistics and search data from more than a dozen sources and include users of U.S. using any Internet-enabled device to access your accounts from Facebook and/or Twitter at least once per month, including access through third-party applications.

See also: Global Ad spending on Facebook will reach $ 4B by year end

Friday, March 4, 2011

After Twitter, LinkedIn now also blocked in China

It seems that LinkedIn was blocked in China, after the professional social network has become a platform for organizing antigovernment protests. The report was observed for the first time by Renmedia.

According to the WSJ, protesters are moving from multiple social networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, to organize protests as the Chinese Government blocks these sites. Check out access to LinkedIn WebsitePulse and JustPing and both sites indicate that LinkedIn is being blocked from cities in China. It also appears that Twitter is blocked as well.

Interestingly, former employee of LinkedIn Surya Yalamanchili notes that one reason why China could block LinkedIn is because many of their status updates were published from Twitter.

We already contacted LinkedIn for comment.

UPDATE: here is the response we received from LinkedIn: we are aware of reports of disruption to our service for our members in China. We are studying the situation now.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Storific generates $ 200 K Kima Ventures to allow customers to order in restaurants through the iPhone

Storific, French startup that allows customers to place orders in restaurants, bars and hotels through an iPhone, raised $ 200 thousand in a round of seed funded by Kima.

The company offers a paid subscription service through a browser-based interface, where companies can provide full menus, list its frames and receive notifications from customers order by an iPhone. While the iPhone app geared toward the consumer is, naturally, free.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

(Founder stories) David Karp of Tumblr: my heroes are Steve Jobs and Willy Wonka

Subscribe to Tumblr's David Karp: (Founder Stories): my heroes are Steve Jobs and Willy WonkaTweetView CommentsErick Schonfeld 6 hours ago

Some Internet wunderkinds don't bother to finish college. Tumblr founder David Karp dropped out of school and now performs one of publishing platforms faster growth on the Web. In our final segment of founding stories of the week (also see parts I, II and III), Karp answers some questions Chris Dixon quick in the video above. He talks about his best business decision ever (disconnect from Tumblr profitable, niche, Web development company), because he has trouble sleeping, and how hiring younger, brightest engineers will make "Recruitment biggest advantage of Tumblr."

On this last point, says Karp when Tumblr begins to "Google-scale" and Google still only is recruitment of doctors, "I want to grab the 16 years of age will be brilliant and help them get there." What about engineers with at least a college degree? Karp anti-education that not as much as he is not seeing colleges churn out talent he needs. "The biggest problem is college isn't doing very good engineers and that is what this industry needs," he says.

We learned that the greatest heroes of Karp are "Steve Jobs and Willy Wonka. Jobs makes perfect sense. Karp grew up being "obsessed with lectures of Steve Jobs" and the art of "proving". But Willy Wonka? "It's kind of like Steve

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Database/s 77 room Hotel wants to make sure you reserve a room with a view

To search hotels for a vacation or business trip, a visit to TripAdvisor for reviews of a resort are a must. Photos of rooms in hotel sites often misrepresent the exact size or betting in luxury hotels and a room can be a bit of a game. But TripAdvisor reviews covers all aspects of a hotel, including food, motives, views, and more. Today, 77 rooms is releasing a comprehensive search engine and review site focused exclusively on hotel rooms.

The database engine and searching for hotel room data collected and indexed in hotel 425000 rooms spread over 2500 properties and is also crowdsourcing reviews and ratings of travellers. For now, 77 room focuses on three star Hotels and up and displays information about hotels in North America and the United Kingdom (but plans to expand to other markets in the future).

Room currently accessible through a website and iPhone app, 77 room provides travelers with specific details about each hotel room on a property, including the room category, square footage, type of bedding, proximity to elevator and whether it is a connection. For each room, 77 also generates a virtual room, simulating the real-mode using the technology of Google Earth-enabled in the window of the room.

The best rooms for every traveler automatically are classified using the algorithm owner of fourth room 77 that adjusts each individual's preferences for high or low floor, away from the Elevator, see the importance and necessity of connecting rooms. Each room is marked, then with a matching percentage color-coded indicating: