Sunday, April 10, 2011

Google gives advice on handling the search rank penalties

Some recent stories in The New York Times highlighted the questionable SEO practices-"dirty little secrets," as it under the title of his recent expose. In response, the ReadWriteWeb by John Paul Titlow wrote last week, "Why you should avoid black hat SEO Link systems at all of us." And actually, they should be.

But what do I do if the site is marked as spam (fairly or not)? What, if anything, can you do if your Web site have been the situation by Google?

Google search engineer Matt Cutts has posted his advice in the YouTube video that addresses how you can waive the penalty in the case of Web sites.

Cutts explains the difference between manual and algorithmic Visual penalties. They were a response to the reports submitted to the Google-flagged as spam, porn sites or off topic. But that data is also used to help improve Google Engineers, in the form of classifiers for spam content and keyword stuffing the search algorithm.

Large if the site I flagged by the penalties for the algorithm, if you change your website (move illegal aspects) and the site the user will be recrawled. Your Rankings should improve.

Cutts manual describes the flag as "timeouts". Such penalties shall last for some time-length depending on the seriousness of the misconduct of the user-but ultimately, they expire and the site should be able to improve its ranking again.

You can file a reconsideration request, which should help accelerate the removal of manual penalties. But this will not help if this is the question of the need to make the necessary changes to your website.

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