Sunday, April 3, 2011

Julian Assange loses the case must be extradited to Sweden

Verdict Julian Assange extradition hearing, and the news isn't good for the founder of WikiLeaks. He lost the case and is planned to be extradited to Sweden in 10 days. Assange has seven days to appeal.

Assange was charged with sexual assault two women he met in Sweden during a mission in August 2010. Although initially were acquitted of rape case was reopened later, and the Court of Appeal upheld the original charges.

In December of 2010 Assange surrendered to police and was arrested in London, where he was fighting a legal battle against extradition in Sweden.

Assange arrest is just one of many problems for WikiLeaks and its founder. Since he started releasing secret Embassy cables, website WikiLeaks has been the victim of DDoS attacks and several companies including Amazon, PayPal and its DNS service provider,, deny WikiLeaks.

The full decision can be found here.

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